COVID-19 Solutions at Colorado State University

CSU has deep historical experience with infectious disease research and response.  Our work is sponsored by US federal agencies (NIH, DoD, USDA, CDC), large and small Pharma and biotech companies, and non-profits (CEPI, Gates Foundation, Morris Foundation) focused on understanding and mitigating regional and global chronic and emergent infectious diseases.  As many of the new emergent infectious diseases arise from animals, we have been active in understanding these zoonotic channels of human disease in both fundamental research and its translation across many infectious diseases including HIV, Ebola, malaria, prion diseases (e.g. Chronic Wasting Disease), Dengue fever, Tuberculosis, and corona viruses.

Colorado State University has been recently active in COVID-19 research. The university has been asked by Gov. Jared Polis and the State of Colorado to lead testing qualification for protective masks in COVID-19 fight. Senator Michael Bennett visited CSU and the Research Innovation Center for a first-hand view on efforts to develop a vaccine. Engineers, disease researchers moving quickly on a disinfectant against COVID-19. 

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COVID-19 Research Spotlight

COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Researchers are rapidly developing treatments, drugs and vaccines for COVID-19


Weathering the pandemic: Researchers could use forecast models to predict spread of COVID-19


An engineering lab at CSU has been transformed into a testing site for COVID-19 medical protective gear

TP Industry

Why is it so hard to get toilet paper during a pandemic? How COVID-19 is reshaping the global supply chain

COVID-19 Research Community Impact


CSU labs are helping a Colorado plastics company make medical face shields for hospitals

Karen Dobos

CSU is collaborating across campus and with local businesses to produce hand sanitizer

The Infectious Disease Research Center provides a safe, secure, state of art facility for university investigators, government scientists and industry representatives to collaboratively research the basic biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and epidemiology of bacteria and viruses that cause human and animal diseases. The Center provides the highest quality research environment for developing new scientific discoveries, vaccines, methods of diagnosis, and therapeutic agents for infectious agents. Colorado State University is among the world’s leaders in researching West Nile Virus, drug-resistant Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Hantavirus, Plague, Tularemia and other diseases.

February 19, 2020 members of both the Fort Collins and Colorado State University community gathered in the Lory Student Center to discuss the coronavirus with CSU researchers in the fields of disease research and response. With a variety of expertise present, the panel was able to address community questions and concerns with a strong basis of scientific knowledge.

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