COVID-19 and Core Facilities

Due to COVID-19, our Core Facilities will be operating under special circumstances.  This page is intended to keep research groups informed about the status of all our CORES.

Please find information below regarding the usage of each of the facilities. Core Facilities can update their status by completing the survey at CORES Status.

Core nameData Analysis/Expert Advice/ConsultingSample Analysis/PreparationEquipment AccessTraining of New UsersCore staffCore levelNew users allowedHow is training of new users done?
CSU Drone CenterMinimally impactedN/AMinimally impactedPartialOnsite3YesThrough our Flight Schools
Experimental Pathology FacilityPartialPartialPartialMinimally impactedOnsite4Yes
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting FacilityPartialPartialPartialNot allowedBy appointment only1No
Geospatial CentroidMinimally impactedN/AMinimally impactedPartialLimited onsite2YesWe have been doing all trainings/meetings etc... on Teams with some success. Of course building culture in this context is hard.
Graybill Statistics & Data Science LaboratoryMinimally impactedN/AN/AN/ARemote2Yes
Microscope Imaging NetworkPartialPartialPartialNot allowedBy appointment only1No
Molecular Quantification CorePartialPartialPartialNot allowedBy appointment only1No
NGSMinimally impactedPartialPartialNot allowedLimited onsite2YesVirtual
Proteomics and Metabolomics FacilityPartialPartialPartialNot allowedLimited onsite2No
SAMD AMTFNot allowedNot allowedNot allowed0No
Imaging and Surface Science Center (ARC-ISS)Minimally impactedPartialPartialPartialLimited onsite3YesFace-to-face with limited group sizes; online (videos, etc.)
Center for Materials and Molecular Analysis (ARC-MMA)Minimally impactedMinimally impactedPartialPartialOnsite3YesIn-person training offered again, but limited group size and required PPE (masks and face shields)