Virtual Reality for Veterinary Training

Mission Statement

To embrace virtual reality technology to train veterinarians of tomorrow.


Elevate education to higher standards by improving affordability, student access, welfare and enhanced performance.


To learn as you play, wherever you are and without real-life consequences.

Two students assembling an anesthesia unit to perform safety checks before use. One student is working with the real anesthesia unit. The other is working with VetVR. 

Veterinary students practicing and learning with VetVR. 

Video demonstrates the application testing capabilities. The test is to assess knowledge and skills required before working directly with animals.

VetVR Moving forward is preliminary view for future directions (levels 4 & 5). Physiologic parameter monitor and clinical signs are incorporated for patient assessment.

VetVR Team

Christian FergusonProject Manager
Dr. Pedro Boscan DVM, MSc, PhD, DACVAAPrincipal Investigator (PI)
Francisco Ortega PhDCo-PI, Computer Science
Cyane TornatzkyCo-PI, Director of Electronic Arts, Department of Art and Art History
Wenjing JiangTeam Member, CVMBS-IT
Andrew Wes,t PhDTeam Member, CVMBS-Education
Ben SchraederTeam Member, programmer
Victor MumfordTeam Member, programmer
Annamaria MeiserTeam Member, VR art designer
Seirra SwansonTeam Member, VR art designer
Christiane Magee, DVM, PhD, DACTTeam Member