Our interdisciplinary team of scientists has helped advance the science of soil carbon, from unraveling the key roles of microbes to creating the sophisticated models that underlie climate change predictions and enable soil carbon quantification. Members of our team have spun out companies to commercialize and scale soil carbon products and services and have integrated soil carbon, greenhouse gas, and economic models to inform the design of soil carbon incentives. We know what it takes to implement solutions at scale and our team covers the gamut, from science to innovation to implementation.

Dr. Keith Paustian

Dr. Keith Paustian
Soil and Crop Sciences

Jane Zelikova - Headshot

Dr. Jane Zelikova

Michael Carolan

Dr. Michael Carolan

Francesca Cotrufo

Dr. Francesca Cotrufo
Soil and Crop Sciences

Dr. Rich Conant

Dr. Rich Conant
Ecosystem Sci. and Sustainability

Greg Graff

Dr. Greg Graff
Agricultural and Resource Economics

Andy Jones

Dr. Andy Jones
Cooperative Inst. for Research in the Atmosphere

Megan Machmuller

Dr. Megan Machmuller
Soil and Crop Sciences

Dale Manning

Dr. Dale Manning
Agricultural and Resource Economics

John McKay

Dr. John McKay
Agricultural Biology

Jeff Muhs

Jeff Muhs
Energy Institute

Stephen Ogle

Dr. Stephen Ogle
Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Scott Denning

Dr. Scott Denning
Atmospheric Science

Matt Wallenstein

Dr. Matt Wallenstein
Soil and Crop Sciences

Bryan Willson

Dr. Bryan Willson
Energy Institute and Mechanical Engineering

Brent Young

Dr. Brent Young
CSU Extension