Soil Carbon Solutions Center

Our mission is to develop applied soil-based solutions and bring them to scale, globally, as a key CO2 removal technology and to improve food, fiber and bioenergy production grounded in environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The Soil Carbon Solutions Center conducts the research and builds the tools needed to implement meaningful soil carbon accounting at scale and measure the impacts on producer livelihoods

About the SCSC

Soils can play a large role in climate change mitigation, while also improving the land for producers. If we fail to account for the climate mitigation potential of managed lands, we risk exacerbating climate change and losing the opportunity for private and public carbon financing to incentivize the adoption of regenerative land management practices. Colorado State University researchers can play a critical role in bringing soils and agriculture into the mix of climate mitigation strategies. Connections need to be made between soil science and farmer and rancher livelihoods. This can be accomplished by building (technical, economic, and social) tools to access the research needed to implement soil carbon accounting at scale. To do this, we must build partnerships between scientists, producers, suppliers, and markets with shared goals of reducing the climate impacts of agriculture and forestry. 

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