Graduate Research Assistants and Undergraduate Student Interns

Current GRA

Allison Haase

Allison Haase, Fall 2019 – present
Current position: PhD graduate student, CSU (Chemistry)

“The CIF has had the most impact with me by allowing me to develop useful skills that are outside my research project.”

Roberta Sabino

Roberta Maia Sabino, Fall 2018 – present
Current position: PhD graduate student, CSU (SAMD)

“The CIF gave me the opportunity to learn about different techniques that I wouldn’t have contact during my graduate research. I’m sure the skills I could develop here will be really valuable to my future career (besides the amazing people I had the opportunity to meet and work with!)”

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Rebecca Miller, Summer 2019 – present
Current position: PhD graduate student, CSU (Chemistry)

Current Undergraduate Student Interns

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Alaina McKenzie
Current position: Chemistry undergraduate

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Zach Moen
Current position: Chemistry undergraduate

Stephanie Cardinalli

Stephanie Cardinalli, October 2018 – present
Current position: Chemistry undergraduate

“Having the opportunity to not only learn about the instruments in a classroom but also to work with them in the CIF has taught me more than I could have expected. Hands-on experience is so important; reading about them in a textbook alone just won’t do it.”

Alumni GRA

Sam Miller

Sam Miller, 2019
Current position: PhD graduate student, CSU (Chemistry)

Constant exposure to a variety of projects and instrumentation needs while working in the CIF enhanced my technical knowledge as I move forward in my graduate career. Allowing me to take heightened responsibility was a key step to help build personal confidence as well.”

Cheryle Beuning

Cheryle Beuning, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
Current position: NIST postdoctoral researcher

“While working as a research assistant in the CIF I was able to develop skills in mass spectrometry that I was unable to attain in my graduate studies and it will be a valuable technique in my career at NIST, which I wouldn’t have had the chance to learn otherwise”

Ruth Menger

Ruth Menger, Fall 2018
Current position: PhD graduate student, CSU (Chemistry)

“The CIF showed me how instrumental analysis can be and is used in settings outside of the research setting in a variety of fields”

MJ Riches

MJ Riches, Spring 2017, Fall 2017
Current position: PhD graduate student, CSU (Chemistry)

“The CIF taught me the difference between using an instrument and actually knowing an instrument”

Megan Dunlap

Megan Dunlap, 2017-2018
Current position: PhD graduate student, CSU (Chemistry)

Chris Allison

Chris Allison, Fall 2016, Spring 2017
Current position: PhD candidate, CSU (Chemistry)

“My time in the CIF helped advance my research skills in graduate school by allowing me to work on a variety of projects both independently and as part of a team”

Alumni Undergraduate Student Interns

Jason Haines

Jason Haines, 2015-2018
Mass Spectrometry Field Service Engineer, Bruker

“In a day and age where experience is vital to finding a job, CIF gave me the tools and knowledge needed to start a career right out of college”

Ty Sours

Ty Sours, 2016-2018
Chem. Engineering PhD student at the University of California, Davis

“The CIF staff were always incredibly kind and encouraging and helped me develop the skills and confidence needed to pursue graduate studies.”

Kaylen Prior

Kaylen Prior, 2016-2017
Markes International US Service Manager

“The CIF gave me the experience and connections to meet my future employer, and I was hired to be a part of Markes International right after graduation”

Benjamin Zumwalt

Benjamin Zumwalt, 2010-2016
Mass Spectrometry Field Service Engineer, Agilent

 “Graduating with a B.S. degree with the level of experience with instrumentation and lab work gained at the CIF is simply unparalleled”

Melanie Burnett

Melanie Burnett
PhD graduate student, Alaska

Kaila Herold

Kaila Herold
MSc graduate student, University of Toledo, OH (Biomedical Sciences)