The Research Safety Culture Program works collaboratively across the University to ensure productive, synergistic relationships within our research community to achieve a positive, proactive safety culture that enhances CSU’s world-renowned research. Visit the Research Safety Culture website.

To operate CIF instruments independently or with CIF assistance, all users are required to complete (and adhere to) the CIF Safety Program training prior tothe required instrument training. Certification of completion of the safety training will be required at the start of your instrument training. The following list shows which safety training is required for the different instruments.

 Magnet Safety Form: entrance to main CIF, all NMRs, EPR

Module 0-Radiation Safety Orientation: (PI-Chris Rithner)all XRDs, SAXS/WAXS, XPS (PPMS, MPMS)

Module 8-X-ray Machines: (PI-Chris Rithner) all XRDs, SAXS/WAXS, XPS (PPMS, MPMS)