Optical Spectroscopy

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Our Spectroscopy laboratory is equipped with a VASE ellipsometer, FT-IR spectrometer with various attachments (including ATR) and a microscope, a UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer, a fluorescence spectrometer, a spectrometer for dynamic light scattering (DLS), and a Biacore T200 for surface plasmon resonance measurements.

NOTE: There is a minimum charge per project. Collaborative efforts are encouraged.

Contact the Optical Spectroscopy team for more information.

*These rates are for CSU Affiliates and are subject to revision.

UV-Vis-NIR:  Equipped with VASRA or Variable Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory that is used with thin films at angles from 20 to 70 degrees; Praying Mantis diffuse reflection analysis of solids and powders.


  • $2 minimum charge per use
  • $32 minimum charge per billing cycle

Spectrofluorometer:  With 450W Xenon lamp (230-1800nm), excitation and emission spectrometers- High sensitive, modular spectrofluorometer for fluorescence measurements in the 240 to 850nm emission spectral range.


  • $16 minimum charge per use
  • $32 minimum charge per billing cycle


  • Light source: 150 W xenon lamp
  • Excitation monochromator: 200-1000 nm; Emission monochromator: 200-1000 nm
  • Reference, Transmission and Emission detectors (230-870 nm spectral range for emission)
  • Fluorescence lifetime capability (TCSPC – Time Correlated Single Photon Counting)
  • TCSPC sources: EPLED-320 (320 nm picosecond pulsed LED) and EPL-510 (510 nm picosecond puled diode laser)
  • Temperature controlled sample holder and solid sample holder
  • Solid sample holder
  • Integrating sphere for quantum yield measurements

Fee structure:

  • Under development

DLS:  with 633nm ‘red’ laser- for size measurement of particles and molecules (e.g. proteins) dispersed in a liquid (using dynamic light scattering, DLS); zeta-potential of colloids and nano particles for predicting dispersion stability (using electrophoretic light scattering); and the measurement of microrheology of protein and polymer solutions. The high performance of this instrument also enables the measurement of molecular weight of macromolecules.


FTIR:  With ATR-ZnSe for thin films, powders and liquids; Harrick Grazing Angle Reflectance Accessory for thin films on metal or semiconductor substrates; Gemini Diffuse Reflectance Accessory for non-reflecting powder materials.


  • $2 minimum charge per use
  • $32 minimum charge per billing cycle

The VASE® is an accurate and versatile ellipsometer for research on all types of materials: semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multi-layers, and more. It combines high accuracy and precision with a wide spectral range – up to 193 to 3200nm. Variable wavelength and angle of incidence allow flexible measurement capabilities, including: reflection and transmission ellipsometry, generalized ellipsometry (anisotropy, retardance, birefringence), reflectance (R) and transmittance (T) intensity, and cross-polarized R/T.

Rate: $10/h

Dr. Patrick McCurdy

Dr. Patrick McCurdy
Research Scientist III
Lab Manager, Imaging and Surface Science
CIF, Chemistry, B115A
(970) 491-1876

Karolien Denef

Dr. Karolien Denef
Associate Director/Research Scientist III
CIF Education Coordinator
CIF, Chemistry, C1F
(970) 491-3832

Please contact Dr. Pat McCurdy about FTIR, UVVis, or Ellipsometer Analysis and Dr. Karolien Denef about DLS or Spectrofluorimeter Analysis.

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