Imaging and Surface Science

Imaging and Surface Science is merging with ARC-ISS. 

Visit the Imaging and Surface Science Center website to learn more.

Please use the iLab Portal to request training and schedule time on instruments.

The Imaging and Surface Science laboratory has several tools for examining materials and can provide high resolution (angstrom to micron scale), detailed pictures of surfaces and thin films, micro-structural crystallographic information (from electron diffraction data), and X-ray spectral data including elemental analysis of small features.

NOTE:  Use of the TEM requires additional assistance and training due to the complexity of the instrument. Please contact the Imaging and Surface Science Team for more details.

NOTE: There is a minimum charge per project. Collaborative efforts are encouraged.

Contact the Imaging and Surface Science team for more information.

Dr. Patrick McCurdy

Dr. Patrick McCurdy
Research Scientist III
Lab Manager, Imaging and Surface Science
CIF, Chemistry, B115A
(970) 491-1876

Dr. Roy Geiss

Dr. Roy Geiss
Research Scientist II
Analytical Specialist TEM/SEM
CIF, Yates 101
(970) 491-6103

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