CSU users – Please be sure that you have a default account associated with your iLab and CSU Lab PI.  This will be required soon to train or use the CIF.

Moving forward, the CIF at Colorado State University is excited to start using an online system to streamline the process of scheduling for instrument time, requesting training, and billing for service requests.

Learn how to get started using iLab at CSU!

CSU PIs – Getting Started with iLab Video Tutorial

CSU iLab Manual

How to use an Instrument Kiosk

Learn more about the iLab Core Management Software.

Feel free to contact us at the CIF. Additionally, more detailed instructions are available on the iLabs Help site. For any questions that are not addressed on the help site you can also click on the “HELP” link in the upper right hand corner to submit a help ticket or send an e-mail directly to