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two men with a drone

CSU launches drone center to help students and staff with research

Using drones for research is beneficial, but navigating around the FAA’s drone regulations can be confusing for educators and students who want to use them…

Bryan Willson admiring the hybrid microgrid in the village of Gitaraga

My Media Expedition to East Africa with the CSU Energy Institute

The Energy Institute has really taken on access to energy, and electrification is one of those real needs in the developing..

Ram Safe Pledge

Take the RAM Safe Pledge

All individuals working or conducting research in the lab play an essential role in biosafety. Take the RAM Safe Pledge by following these procedures…

Biosafety Month Winners

2018 Biosafety Month and Poster Contest Winners

October marks the 5th anniversary of National Biosafety Month, and this year’s theme “Promoting a Culture of Biosafety & Responsibility” is being promoted by ABSA International…

CSU Oval Administration Building, Research Building

2018 National Research Administrator Day

National Research Administrator Day is observed annually on September 25 and recognizes working professionals who assist faculty and researchers at institutions like ours and other organizations that…

David Markman

Researching the Possible Use of Plague and other Infectious Diseases as Biological Weapons

Markman’s research demonstrates the ability of the bacteria that causes plague, Yersinia pestis, to survive and multiply inside…

girl with virual reality mask on

Virtual reality program to transform how students learn about the human body

One former student’s simple desire to help his peers better understand how the human body works has unexpectedly grown…

CSU Facility Renovations

University invests $1.5M into research facilities upgrades

The Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the Vice President for University Operations are investing $1.5 million into nine different…

powerhouse sign

Fort Collins’ risk became a Powerhouse in energy science

Editor’s Note: Dr. Bryan Willson is the Director of the Energy Institute, a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at CSU, and the founder of CSUs Engines…

John Volckens

Air pollution project harnesses the power of backyard science

This past year, a handful of motivated Fort Collins citizens did something a little out of the ordinary: They collected cutting-edge scientific data from their…

two little girls with mask to prevent the spread of the plague

Plague bacteria may be hiding in common soil or water microbes, waiting to emerge

Editors Note: David Markman, a Ph.D. candidate at Colorado State University and a Vice President for Research…

50um screenshot of a mouse cortex

‘Exquisite resolution:’ Microscopes illuminate hidden, intracellular worlds

Like the plastic tips on shoelaces, telomeres are bits of genetic material that cap the chromosomes inside our cells. Damage to these protective caps is…

chhs csu research team

CSU research team investigates engaging environments for aging adults

According to the WHO, around 47 million people worldwide have dementia. Colorado State University researchers are now…

3 minute presentation OVPR fellows

3-minute challenge winners are 2018-19 research fellows

A three-minute timer loomed over 36 graduate students competing for a spot in the Vice President for Research Fellowship on Feb. 12, 2018. The 16…


University invests $1 million into interdisciplinary research teams

Five interdisciplinary teams of researchers from across the eight colleges of Colorado State University will be collaborating on some of the world’s most pressing global…