Facility Policies


Our services are conducted under commonly accepted research practices.  ARC-BIO does not perform any services that may be subject to FDA Regulations (e.g. GMP, cGMP, GLP, GCP).

It is the responsibility of the PI submitting the samples to have the appropriate protocol approval for projects involving the analysis of human, animal, or infectious materials.   This form must be completed and submitted electronically to ARC-BIO with submission of any relevant samples.

User Fees

Our user fees are essential for the availability of the instrumentation and expertise that the facility provides.  We aim to set our user fees at the lowest possible level to maintain our resources.  As a consequence, our user fees may be adjusted to reflect current funding situations.


Co-authorship is generally expected when core personnel have made significant contributions to the research in the form of consultation, experimental design, method development, data analysis and/or data interpretation.  Significant can be defined as “the project would not have progressed, or progressed at a substantially slower pace, without the guidance of facility personnel”.  In such cases, core personnel should have the opportunity to review and edit the appropriate sections of a manuscript before submission.

Acknowledgement of facility contributions is expected in publications that include any data generated in the facility.  For example, when fee-for-service is performed with no method development and minimum effort by Core personnel.

An example of an appropriate acknowledgement is “The authors wish to thank ARC-BIO at Colorado State University for analyzing samples”.

Please inform us when relevant publications are accepted and forward us a copy for our records.  We may also post citation information on our website.  This information is vital to the continued support of the facility.

Collaborations: Grant Assistance and Percent Effort

We are very happy to provide letters of support and assistance in grant writing.  For letters of support, please allow at least 2 weeks from the time of your request.  Please furnish the following information: Title of grant, agency to which you are submitting the grant, your title and mailing address, and 1-3 sentences on the goals (or specific aims) of your proposal.

Our facility is also dependent on grant support for long-term success and we appreciate your support in keeping the facility funded.  To determine if percent effort by core personnel is required, please consider the following:

  • Does the proposal include a specific aim(s) that focuses on mass spectrometry?
  • Is method development is required?
  • Are there large numbers of samples are to be analyzed?
  • Would the proposal be more favorably reviewed with dedicated support for ARC-BIO personnel?
  • Would the project output benefit from or proceed more rapidly with guidance from facility personnel?