Core Values

At ARC-BIO we love what we do and are grateful for the opportunity to support world class science at a great University. Our Core Values describe the ideas that we feel are important to ensure that we are providing optimal service as well as creating an environment of professional growth and respect for our team members.

  • We are incredibly lucky for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science.
  • Produce world-class data.
  • Embrace the inevitable problems that arise with a smile.
  • Respect the instrumentation.
  • Value each other and commit to authentic communication.
  • Collaboration is the key to great science.
  • Always be greater(er).
  • Mass Spectrometry is (very often) the answer.
  • Impart our love and knowledge of mass spectrometry on the next generation.
  • Have fun.  Otherwise what’s the point?
  • Life outside of the lab is just as important as life in it.
  • A happy lab is a productive lab.