Ashlie Johnson, VPR # FeaturedFellow

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Written by The Office of the Vice President for Research

Meet Ashlie Johnson, third year graduate student in Health and Social Psychology in the College of Natural Sciences and 2018-19 VPR Graduate Student Fellow

Ashlie Johnson, Colorado State VPR Research Fellow
  • What sparked your interest in research? My research interests were piqued when I began to realize that our personal psychology could have incredible effects on our behaviors and do so independent of our active awareness. Studying the unseen and, at times, counterintuitive influences became a near-instant passion. 
  • What drew you to CSU? The work of my advisor, Dr. Dan Graham, drew me to CSU. I read an article in which he successfully eliminated a cognitive bias related to the healthfulness of certain products by making simple edits to a front-of-package label. The research was impressive, and the mountains sealed the deal! 
  • How has the fellowship benefitted you? The VPR fellowship has not only advanced my professional skills in multiple areas but has afforded me the opportunities to put them to use!  As a fellow, I have been in the room with influential leaders from research, industry, and academia and have been able to amplify the dissemination of my research findings and create stronger collaborations.
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to new VPR Fellows? Make the most out of the time you have with this brilliant program! Make your travel dollars count, hone your networking skills, and use the added support to expand the reach of your research. 

Watch as CSU graduate students compete to explain their thesis or dissertation research using only 1 PowerPoint slide in 3 minutes or less. Winners will be chosen to be part of the Vice President for Research Fellowship Cohort of 2019-20 and will receive up to $4,000 in scholarship and support. The 3 minute challenge is on February 11, 2019 in the Lory Student Center, Grey Rock 290.