ARC Research Contributions


  • NIH R21: Unrestricted super-resolution imaging deep in tissues through scattering immune spatial frequency modulated imaging. Co-PI Jeff Field; PI: Randy Bartels.
  • NIH R21: Deep-tissue super-resolved microscopy with multiphoton spatial frequency-modulated imaging (MP-SPIFI). Co-PI Jeff Field; PI: Randy Bartels.
  • Active collaborations with Drs. Bartels and Wilson groups to develop deep tissue and super-resolution far-field microscopy platforms and ultrasensitive Raman spectroscopy.
  • Microstructural Characterization of Twinned Fe2GeS4 Nanoparticles. PI: Amy Prieto. ISS is involved in teaching TEM characterization techniques (high resolution imaging and electron diffraction), collaborative analysis of data to determine zone axes in electron diffraction patterns to identify the microstructure and crystallographic orientations of the nanoparticles.
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Deep-Tissue Imaging: Enabling a New Type of Microscopy for Ultradeep Imaging. Co-PI Jeff Field; PI: Randy Bartels.


  • NIH: Cross-Platform and Graphical Software Tool for Adaptive LC/MS and GC/MS Metabolomics Data Preprocessing. Co-PI Corey Broeckling.
  • NIH: Generation of benchmarking datasets for developing and evaluating software tools for metabolomics. Co-PI Corey Broeckling.


  • Grantham Foundation: Soil Moonshots, A CSU-Grantham partnership. Co-PI Claudia Boot. PI Rich Conant, ESS
    MMA Role: Analysis of rare sugar stability in soils using LC-MS and electrochemical techniques.
  • USDA AFRI: Exploratory Research: Exploring a blue ocean strategy for terrestrial C sequestration. Co-PI Claudia Boot. PI Rich Conant ESS
    MMA Role: Development and application of LC-MS assay to differentiate the 24 hexose isomers from bacterial community extracts.
  • DOE BER: Subsurface Biogeochemical Research: Quantifying hydro-biogeochemical controls on watershed dissolved organic matter flux and processing. Co-PI Claudia Boot. PIs Tim Covino ESS, Ed Hall ESS, Chuck Rhodes, USFS
  • Collaborator offering MS support in structural elucidation of Mycobacterial lipoarabinomannan to the Jackson and Chatterjee Labs, MIP