Coalition for Epi Response Engagement and Science (CERES)

The agricultural industry has experienced significant loss and economic consequences from infectious disease outbreaks in animals and plants caused by pathogens.  Although awareness and planning to improve response to infectious disease outbreaks has increased, gaps remain. 

To address these gaps, we have established the Coalition for Epi Response, Engagement, and Science (CERES) consortium of land-grant universities.  CERES will integrate and leverage the strengths and assets of these universities and other stakeholders, resulting in new opportunities, ideas, and practices, through collaborative engagement. 

Coalition for epi response engagement and science

Executive Summary, Defense of Animal Agriculture, Bipartisan Report of the Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense, October 2017

The mission of the CERES network is to protect and defend our agricultural industry against global health threats, and to provide innovation for food security, now and into the future.